TSA defying superhero taken down by “strong B.O.”

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Every superhero has a weakness. For Superman, it’s Kryptonite. Black Panther isn’t the same without his totem, and Wonder Woman is vulnerable if her bracelets are tied together by a man. But for TSA-defying superhero Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi, his apparent weakness was in his choice of antiperspirant (or lack thereof).

According to BoingBoing.net, Noibi had boarded a Virgin American flight with an old boarding pass in someone else’s name. The feat would have gone undetected, but other passengers were so deeply offended by Niobi’s body odor that they complained. Upon being asked to show his boarding pass, the deception was revealed.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Niobi left the airport unimpeded after the free flight he took from New York to Los Angeles, but was apprehended five days later when he attempted to board a Delta flight using the same trick:

On Wednesday, Noibi was arrested trying to board a Delta flight out of Los Angeles. Once again, he had managed to pass undetected through security with an expired ticket issued in someone else’s name. Authorities found at least 10 other boarding passes, none of which belonged to him. Law enforcement sources told The Times they suspect Noibi has used expired plane tickets to sneak on to flights in the past. On his website, Noibi describes himself as a “frequent traveler.”

Like The Blues Brothers, Noibi is on a mission from God. And who’s TSA to get in the way of that? I hope Noibi susses out a new way to get around and fast. A look at his facebook page reveals just what might be at stake:

3 days, 3 cities, Chicago, Detroit and NOw i can spy with my little eye New york city from this Sheraton at Liberty Int’ l Airport in NJ! When i told God to use me i didn’t know he’ll take me serious. Here I am. Use more of me. Meetings right into my birthday on sunday and then back in las gidi for the Dieko and Friends in Concert & Album Launch! It can only be God.

Mr Noibi! Please, keep up the good work, but remember the devil is in the details. Try Mitchum deodorant. I hear it’s good for hard cases of B.O.and can easily be shoplifted from your local drugstore. And please, keep on keeping on. You are an inspiration to those of us who are ground down by the stringent regulations and harsh treatment of the TSA of the USA.

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