The 2007 Travel Blog Awards

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It was bound to happen eventually.

In fact, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Mark Ashley over at Upgrade: Travel Better has finally decided to step up and start the very first travel blog awards: The Travvies.

Why you ask? Mark provides the answer:

There’s a misconception that travel blogs are all travel diaries. Some of these might be terrific, but the scope of the travel blogosphere is much larger. More and more, these blogs are influencing the way consumers, companies, and journalists get information. The Travvies try to take this breadth into account.

There’s no prize, other than the prestige that comes from recognition within the travel blog community. And that’s certainly worth more than any shiny trophy (although ludicrous bags of money would be nice).

There are 6 categories in total, and I think we have a decent shot at 3 of them. As editor of Brave New Traveler, this is my attempt at asking you, dear reader, to visit the links below and nominate our magazine by leaving a comment with our name and link.

  • Best Travel Blog
  • Best Informative/Practical Travel Blog
  • Best Group Written Travel Blog

Remember, this is just the nomination phase. Next they have a panel of secret judges who will cull the nominations down to a list of 3 for each category. From there, finalists will be announced on February 21 and the voting will begin. I’ll be sure to post an update.

Until then, thanks for your support!

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