Travel Promos Get Stranger, Bolder, and Sexier

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So far this year, we’ve seen the Best Job in the World and the All-You-Can-Jet Pass promotions, both intended to boost tourism. What could possibly be next?

Well, the Westin Resort Aruba has the answer to that question.

In an effort to up its occupancy rate, the Aruba Westin is running a unique promotion: couples who conceive a child during their stay will receive a “Conception Credit” worth $300 USD, which they can use for a return visit in 2010.

I would have paid money to be at the marketing meeting where this promo was dreamed up.

If you want to take advantage of the offer, there is some fine print: You’ve gotta get it on before December 18, 2009. In addition, once you return stateside, you’ll need to get a note from your doctor indicating that “the likely conception date took place around the time of [your] stay at the resort.”

No word on whether child care is provided on your return visit.

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