6 Things to Do While You’re Waiting to Vote

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Political analysts and forecasters expect a record turnout in tomorrow’s US election. The wait to vote could be several hours long.

Ward off the temptation to jump out of line by preparing yourself for the wait. Here are 6 things you can do to make that wait go faster:

1. Catch up on your reading. If you have a stack of books or magazines that you haven’t gotten around to reading, throw a couple in your bag and spend some time catching up.

2. Start a conversation. It’s rare to have a captive audience. You don’t have to talk politics–in fact, you may want to avoid the topic–but take the time you have in line to talk with the folks around you. Everyone loves to tell a story.

3. Get a jump start on your new year’s resolutions. 2009 is just around the corner, and regardless of who wins the election, we’ll be ushering in a new year with a new president. Think about what you’d like to experience and achieve in 2009 and make your list of resolutions while waiting to make your impact on the future.

4. Plan an inauguration day road trip. Inauguration day is January 20, 2009. Make those minutes (or hours) in line pass more quickly by planning a trip to be in the US capital on the day that the new president is sworn into office.

5. Document your experiences. If you’ve got a cell phone with text message capabilities, keep your friends and the world apprised of what’s unfolding around you. Twitter about your polling precinct or make notes for a blog entry.

6. Write a letter. You’re taking part in an historic election at a critical moment in US history. Write a letter–to your future child, to the next generation, to yourself 10 years from now–about what it’s like to be waiting in line to vote in this election.

How will YOU make the voting line wait pass more quickly? Share your ideas below!

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